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What is 'fixed income'

Quantum Life promote fixed income (or income-producing financial products) to the marketplace that pay an annual/semi-annual income or coupon, to the investor while providing low-risk, robust protection, to the capital sum invested in the product.

Fixed income is a type of investment in which real return rates or periodic income is received at regular intervals and at reasonably predictable levels.

Fixed-income investments can be used to diversify one's portfolio, as they pose less risk than equities and derivative investments.

Fixed income investments are incredibly popular with retired individuals because of the reliable returns they offer.

The Two Types of 'Fixed Income' Investments There are two main types of investments in the capital markets: debt and equity.

Equity, or company shares, is considered ownership in a company, and investors receive a return based on share price appreciation and/or dividends.

As the name suggests, a fixed income is a pre-determined amount of income that is paid by an issuer and earned by an investor.

Fixed-income investors do not have an ownership stake in the company but act as lenders of capital. In exchange for interest, fixed-income investors lend their money to firms.

As a result, they are considered creditors and often have a higher claim than shareholders in case of bankruptcy or default, making the investment less risky than equity.

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