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Alternative investments are typically not directly connected to stock markets.

This is really important for your pension or investment money; if you have money invested in a product or structure that can be affected by war, terrorism, famine, political instability or international trade disputes, then you could lose some or all of your money during the investment term.

A good example would be money invested in a fund with a financial institution or insurance company, which can rise or fall in value, typically because it is correlated or directly connected to the performance of the stock market.

The stock market in turn is regularly affected by political matters or matters that logically should not affect the value of an investment. A simple negative comment or social media post about a particular financial economic position, is often enough to send markets spiraling into negative values.

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Quantum Life provide independent, unbiased guidance on alternative investments including: corporate bonds, loan notes, corporate borrowing & corporate lending.

Corporate Bonds or Loan Notes are alternative investment structures that are not normally affected by negative stock market commentary. These are simply companies or organisations borrowing money from individuals or institutions in order to develop or grow their businesses. You have to decide if you trust these companies to pay back the money they borrow from you on-time and in-full.

For example: ABC Ltd wishes to borrow money to grow their business and will pay you 5% interest per year and return your money after 3 years. You will look at ABC Ltd’s history, how long they are in business, who are the principals in the company and does the company have any assets to offer as security, etc.

Quantum Life carry out these investigations for you and bring robust, low risk options to you and the marketplace. You can assess whether these bonds or notes suit your appetite towards risk. We can help you identify suitable investment opportunities for your needs.


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