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Have you ever thought about how you want to live after you retire? You might want to travel the world, move overseas, move to the country, have an active social life in the city of your choice or just focus on your family and hobbies. You may not even want to think about it yet, but the day you retire will come and you’ll need money to pay for the lifestyle you desire.

Your State pension will certainly fall short in providing for your living needs. That’s why you need to be on top of your current pension arrangements right now, when there is still time to make the necessary arrangements and adjustments needed to efficiently grow your capital, reach your objectives and be able to pay for the lifestyle you want to have when you retire.

At Quantum Life Ireland, as a team of specialist financial advisors, we can listen to you, lessen your doubts, assess your current situation and create a financial plan to reach your goals. We will advise you on and recommend the most suitable product or combination of products for your particular needs. Book a consultation and take matters into your own hands.

Whether you already have a pension arrangement or are looking to set up your first one, we are here to help you out by using our knowledge and experience to find you the best path.

    • Retirement Annuity Contracts
      • Also known as personal pension plans.
    • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts
      • An attractive alternative to personal pension plans.
    • Self-administered PRSAs
      • If you want to be in charge and decide how your retirement funds are invested, you might be interested in learning more about this.
    • Find lost Pension
      • We provide a service to find pensions you may have lost track of over the years. Click here to get us working on your behalf.
    • Personal Retirement Bonds/Buy Out Bonds
      • An option if you want to transfer out funds you have in a former employer pension scheme, or if you are looking for a better personal retirement bond. 


Everyone dreams of a comfortable retirement, as an employer you are able not only of making arrangements for your own retirement but also of setting up an employer pension scheme to help your employees have the retirement lifestyle they want.

  • Executive Pension Schemes

    • Ensure you and other directors at your company are well prepared to face the future and will be able to maintain your lifestyle after retirement.

  • Employer Pension Schemes

    • Help your company to retain talent and your employees to prepare for the future by providing them with an attractive pension scheme to meet their retirement needs.

  • Self-administered Pension Schemes

    • Take control of your own pension scheme by managing how and where and in what assets your funds are invested.


If the moment to mature your pension is fast approaching or has already arrived, and you are wondering how to best access and use your retirement benefits, we at Quantum Life Ireland are ready to help you figure out what’s the most convenient course of action to meet your needs and objectives.

We’ll listen to you and provide advice on the choices available to you according to your particular circumstances. Book a consultation and get specialist professional financial advice from a firm with over 30 years of experience as an Irish financial adviser.

We advise on:

    • Maturing Defined Contribution/Benefit Employer Pension Schemes
      • Choosing how to take retirement benefits from your occupational pension scheme.
    • Maturing Personal Retirement Savings Accounts
      • Taking a lump sum from your PRSA and deciding what to do with the resulting balance.
    • Maturing Retirement Annuity Contracts
      • Taking retirement benefits from your personal pension plan (RAC) and reinvesting them into an ARF and/or buying an Annuity.
    • Maturing Personal Retirement Bonds
      • Deciding how to take retirement benefits from your PRB or BOB. 
    • Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs)
      • Choosing a fund to invest the balance of your pension arrangement to grow your capital and/or earn an income.
    • Annuities
      • Buying an annuity that provides a stable income for life.
    • Vested Personal Retirement Savings Accounts
      • Deciding when to transfer out the balance of your vested PRSA and how to invest it.

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