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Wills and trusts and very common structures in the UK, and much of the legislation surrounding Irish will and trust law is based on English Law. This, of course, is because for almost 1,000 years Ireland was under English rule, and much of the legislation has remained in place since gaining independence in 1922.

In modern Ireland there are upwards of 200,000 co-habiting couples, and in many cases, a simple will, to protect their assets in the event of death, is often overlooked.

Simple tasks like paying for life assurance can be complicated for co-habiting couples, and care is needed to avoid an inheritance tax charge on death. The welfare of children is often overlooked when deciding on how best to arrange the estate in the event of death, separation or divorce.

Trusts are now being used a lot more to help mitigate inheritance issues, and as result of property prices increasing, a family home, a pension fund and maybe some life assurance, can often push the value of an estate over the €1,000,000 figure, all which needs careful financial planning.

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In modern Ireland, couples often overlook implementing a simple will,  to protect their assets in the event of death. Protect your love ones inheritance by drafting & finalising your will.

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